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Mandatory Good Deed of the Day: Loyal Restaurant Patrons Tip Entire Stimulus Check to Support Local Restaurant

In these strange times, we need more good news. These types of stories are like the beam from a lighthouse cutting through the dark night that surrounds us. It seems as if the days and weeks under quarantine roll on, we see more and more stories like this one out of Arkansas when a not-so-simple gesture from a restaurant patron brought an employee to tears.

When you eat at a restaurant (or pick up food in our current climate) and you’re happy with the food and service, a tip of 20 percent or more isn’t out of the question. If you’re feeling really generous, maybe you’ll up it a few percentage points. But, regardless of the level of service, would you ever leave a tip of $1,200? Maybe if your meal cost $5,000. Well, how about if it was just a simple takeout order?

That’s exactly what happened at an Arkansas steakhouse this week. And that $1,200 tip? That was the customer’s whole stimulus check. Like most restaurants around the country, Colonial Steakhouse in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, has been forced to close its doors to patrons and only allow curbside pickup. So far, the restaurant has been treading water in an effort to survive. They’re making it, but just barely.

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That’s why it was such a big gesture when one of the regular patrons left a tip for $1,200 for a takeout order. It was so unexpected that the general manager and daughter of the owners, Allison Hall, cried with joy when she saw it. The money will be divided among employees, including those furloughed. Sure, $100 each doesn’t seem like a ton of money per person. But, it’s $100 more than they had the day before and it might mean they can buy groceries or make the rent payment this month.

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