Mandatory Good Deed of the Day: Send a Gift Card to Someone Who’s Unemployed

It’s a tough time for everyone. Coronavirus fears, shelter-in-place orders, and social distancing have all taken their toll on our mental and physical health. Our lives changed seemingly overnight and while we’ve done our best to adapt to the “new normal,” we still long for the old normal that may never return. The only way we’ll be able to persevere is to lift each other up and keep one another encouraged. That’s why we created the Mandatory Good Deed of the Day. It’s a way to keep you connected to others during quarantine while also injecting a little sunshine into someone’s day (rather than Lysol into their veins, as President Trump recently suggested).

Today’s good deed: give a gift card to someone who’s unemployed. With half of Americans financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic, you should be able to identify a friend, family member, or acquaintance who needs a little handout. Make it generous (go for the triple digits if you can afford it) and make it practical (for a store that’s actually open right now). Grocery store gift cards, Target gift cards, and Amazon gift cards are all excellent options. What people need are the essentials, and if you can help them procure those, you’ll not only make their day, you’ll feel good about it, too. What else was your stimulus check for if not sharing with those less fortunate?

Cover Photo: Jean-philippe WALLET (Getty Images) 

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