Drink Wine Every Day: Snoop Dogg to Drop Wine Line This Summer

In these strange times, we’re all looking for something to help get our minds off of our worries for at least a few minutes. We’re also on a constant mission to find some things to look forward to. It’s pretty much the only thing keeping us sane while we sit at home in quarantine, wondering if life will ever resemble life before COVID-19 turned our whole existence on its head. We look forward to the impending summer and sunny days that we’ll hopefully get to enjoy by at the very least sticking our head out of our apartment window. We look forward to never having to use the term “social distancing” ever again (at some point). But for now, we can look forward to a new wine.

You might be wondering why we’d be excited for the release of a new wine. You’re probably scratching your head as random wines are released constantly and most of us never even notice. But, you see, this wine is a little different. That’s because this summer Snoop Dogg is releasing his own wine. Yes, Snoop D-O-Double-G is starting a multi-year partnership with well-known wine brand 19 Crimes.

The first wine, which will be released to obvious excitement this summer, is called Snoop Cali Red. And, if you didn’t take a hint from the name, it’s a red wine. If you’re new to the world of 19 Crimes, it’s a brand that pays homage to the convicts that colonized and eventually built what we now know as Australia.

The partnership came to be because Snoop Dogg happens to not only be a big fan of wine, but also 19 Crimes itself and its unique take on the wine world. “It’s one of the most successful brands in the market, so I’m more than eager to bring this collaboration to the world,” the iconic rapper said in a press release. Other offerings will be released in the future. Fingers crossed for wines called “Young, Wine, and Free” and “Drop It Like It’s Merlot.”

Enjoy these Snoop Dogg GIFs while you wait for the wine.

Photo: Alexander Tamargo / Contributor (Getty Images)

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