Meanwhile in Florida: Veteran Pays $40K for Rare Bourbon to Support Struggling Restaurant (Something Good Came From Florida!)

If you’re anything like us, when you found out your neighborhood breweries, bars and restaurants were being forced to shut their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, you probably tried to figure out how you could help. Maybe you ordered a six-pack of craft beer for pick up, maybe you bought a gift card to your favorite restaurant to use later, and maybe you ordered delivery. These are all simple ways that many of us are helping out those tireless food and beverage folks who are hurting badly during these seemingly never-ending lockdown COVID-19 days. At the very least, you probably spent a few dollars on take-out. You probably didn’t order a bottle of whiskey for more than $20K than it was listed for just to help out.

Well, that’s exactly what happened in Florida (yes, Florida). That’s because, to make ends meet (and continue paying their furloughed staff) the Tampa-based Datz Restaurant group was selling an ultra-rare 25-year-old bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle for $17K. Even though this is a much sought-after bourbon for collectors, the restaurant group didn’t get many bites on the “deal.” That is, until an anonymous veteran offered to come to the restaurant and buy the bottle. This is where the story takes an unexpected turn.

Instead of dropping off a check for $17K, the man left a check for $40K. The owners, Roger and Susanne Perry, couldn’t believe the man’s generosity. But he was happy to do it and also happy to take home a bottle of the coveted whiskey. The best part of the story is the fact that while he went out of his way to help the struggling business, he didn’t want any recognition. That bourbon will probably taste even sweeter now.

Check out a few GIFs detailing what exactly we’d do if someone gave us a bottle of bourbon worth $20K.

Photo: Buffalo Trace

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