Mandatory Good News: Bar Owner Donates All the Dollar Bills Stapled to Her Walls to Furloughed Employees

Surely you’ve been in one of those bars before. You know, the ones where there are dollar bills stapled all over the walls and ceiling. They’re usually dive bars with a cult following and also usually serve a mean burger alongside a good selection of draft beer. Many of these dollar bills are signed and stapled to the wall and left there for decades. If you’re lucky enough to have one of your dollars on display at one of these establishments, you probably return on occasion to find it and remember the good times you had there. You definitely don’t expect it to be gone the next time you come in. Well, one bar that was well known for this practice just removed all of the money and there’s a really good reason for it.

Like all bars and restaurants across the country, The Sand Bar on Tybee Island in Georgia was forced to close its doors a few weeks ago. Without the ability to serve food and drinks to customers, owner Jennifer Knox was scratching her head wondering how she was possibly going to pay her staff. That’s when she realized that just like the frozen banana stand on Arrested Development, her bar was literally filled with cash just waiting to be handed out.

Photo: Peter Unger (Getty Images)

Photo: The Sand Bar

That’s when Knox and a handful of employees spent three days diligently removing dollar after dollar from the walls and ceiling. After every dollar was removed, they were cleaned and counted. All in all the total amount was a staggering $3,714. After a few donations from customers, the total amount collected was $4,104. The money was given to the currently unemployed members of the staff.

So, next time you go into a bar covered in dollar bills, add one of your own. You never know when it will go to someone who needs it a lot more than you.

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