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Mandatory Good News: Therapy ‘Dogtor’ and Owner Distribute Self-Care Kits to Frontline Workers

Therapy dogs have been around since WWII, but with the coronavirus pandemic, it seems we need them now more than ever. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, pups have been prevented from seeing patients.

But a 3-year-old Rottweiler named Loki wasn’t going to abandon people in need. Even though she couldn’t comfort the sick, she (along with her owner, 30-year-old medical student Caroline Benzel) figured out how to make life a little easier for frontline workers with “Dogtor Loki Hero Healing Kits.”

The kits contain simple but much-appreciated essentials like instant coffee, tea, snack bars, lip balm, baby powder, petroleum jelly, and hypoallergenic lotion. They also include a thank-you note featuring an illustration of Loki in scrubs. An incredible 5,500 kits have made their way into the hands of frontline workers thanks to donations.

Photo: Laney’s Lab

Recipients have expressed their gratitude with gifts and letters, too. “I’ve gotten a lot of thank you letters. People have sent Loki gifts, even some people sent dog toys,” Benzel told Today. “Loki was therapeutic for me being a medical student and helping me feel like I’m actually doing something that’s giving back.”

Cover Photo: Caroline Benzel

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