People Are Throwing Coronavirus Parties in Alabama, First One to Get Sick Wins, and Everyone Loses

If you’re unaware of the Darwin Awards, there’s literally no better time to get acquainted with them. Since 1985, this honor was bestowed on anyone who helped shorten the course of human evolution (hence Darwin) by removing themselves from the gene pool based on a death that was easily avoidable if the person used the tiny bit of common sense. Examples include a rhino poacher killed by an elephant, a bungee jumper who forgot to attach to the bungee cord, and a man who rode a jet ski over Niagara Falls. A few people in Alabama might early favorites for the 2020 Darwin Awards. That’s because young people in Tuscaloosa are throwing coronavirus parties.

If throwing a soiree in the midst of a pandemic wasn’t dumb enough, they are inviting people who are infected with COVID-19 to attend. Apparently, all of these geniuses pay for a ticket to enjoy this evening of potential fevers, chills, and breathing tubes. Then they spend the evening playing beer pong, flip cup, and coughing on their friends in an effort to get infected. The first person to get coronavirus wins (and really loses) all the money from the ticket sales.

You might be wondering how, if you have a house packed full of people, you can possibly figure out who wins (er…loses). Well, the winner is the first person to get diagnosed with COVID-19 by a doctor. The worst thing about this isn’t the fact that these baby Einsteins are doing this at all, but the fact that if you’re the second person to get sick all you get is…the coronavirus. They could at least give them an “I went to a coronavirus party and all I got was coronavirus…and this T-shirt” T-shirt.

Photo: wundervisuals (Getty Images)

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