After 2 Weeks of Protests, White Man Says He Thinks He’s Starting to Get Rap Music

The Memorial Day murder of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis cop ignited protests around the world calling for the defunding of police departments and increased awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement. Among those participating in the demonstrations were well-intentioned but ignorant white people attempting to prove how woke they are. As they marched in solidarity with people of color, they soaked up black culture and hopefully learned a little, like Parker Jackson, a 20-something California resident.

“I’m finally starting to understand rap music,” Jackson told Mandatory. “The anger, the violence, the wordplay – it all makes sense now.”

Jackson claimed he was so inspired by the musical genre, he plans to dip his toe in the rap pool as well. He’s currently working on his first hip-hop mix-tape, inspired by the demonstrations he’s participated in and his new favorite artists: Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, and Public Enemy. While creating a beat with Garage Band has been going well, he admitted, “rhyming is hard, man, and I can’t spit very fast, so we’ll see.”

We’re all for creative expression, but maybe we should leave hip-hop up to the experts.

Cover Photo: Erstudiostok (Getty Images)

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