Doing Their Part: 6 Organizations Helping Those in Need During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The last few weeks haven’t been easy for most Americans (or the rest of the world) because of the coronavirus outbreak. Bars, restaurants, and many other businesses have closed their doors for the foreseeable future. People are out of work (or working from home) and told to stay in their homes to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. People all over the country have flooded grocery stores and pharmacies, snatching up food and medical supplies. But not everyone has the means to fill a shopping cart with months of groceries.

That’s why it’s so vitally important to support the organizations and services that are helping to feed and give medical supplies to those in need. Take a look at some of those organizations below and lend a hand — without contaminating anyone — via a donation.

Photo: Credit: Sladic (Getty Images)

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Help Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

Visit the Centers for Disease Control at or the World Health Organization at for the latest information on the coronavirus and learn what you can do to stop the spread.

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