Pajamas and Beer: The Top Amazon Essentials People Are Stocking Up on During Coronavirus Quarantine

We are creatures of comfort, and never has this been truer than during coronavirus quarantine. While some businesses, like J. Crew, are declaring bankruptcy (because who buys, much less wears, pants anymore?), other essentials are flying off the shelves.

New statistics from Adobe show what Americans are purchasing in abundance now that we’ve chilled for a minute on the toilet paper and hand sanitizer panic. The World Health Organization acknowledged the coronavirus pandemic on March 11. Between March 12 and April 11, e-commerce sales increased 49 percent. What are we buying? Books (up 100 percent), alcohol (up 75 percent), and electronics (up 58 percent) take the lead. These all make sense, given our new sheltering-in-place lifestyles that have us stuck on the couch and in need of distraction.

What’s more surprising, perhaps, is the pajama business boom. PJ sales skyrocketed 143 percent, bested only by online grocery orders, which are up 208 percent.

In sum, we’re all just lazing about in cozy loungewear, binge-watching TV, getting drunk, overeating, and, occasionally, getting so bored that we actually read. Hey, maybe quarantine isn’t so bad after all!

Cover Photo: Ljupco (Getty Images)

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