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Mandatory TikTok: @sinkreviews Is the Must-Follow TikToker of the Week

Our great American forefather Benjamin Franklin once said, “Critics are our friends, they show us our faults.” He obviously wasn’t talking about TikTok or the critics who review things on the app, but he might as well have been. You can find reviews about anything on TikTok, but it’s not what their review says that’s as relevant as the subject of said review. Take, for example, the public sinks in New York City. You probably never considered the importance of critiquing the basin you wash your hands in. However, this week’s must-follow TikToker, Dean Peterson, went viral for his ostentatious analysis of sinks on his account @sinkreviews.

After visiting this account, using a public sink will never be the same. You’ll notice the elegant design of the sink, the lack thereof, and the kind of faucet used to dispense water. Either way, Peterson doesn’t take himself or the account too seriously, which is part of the fun. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our favorite videos from @sinkreviews and discover why this TikToker is so damn popular.

Image: Angel Gruber (Getty Images)
First, @sinkreviews Aesop in Manhattan #fyp #sinks #sinkreview #nyc #sinktok ♬ Ave verum corpus – Andrew Swait

Second, @sinkreviews Diamond Lil in Brooklyn #fyp #sinks #sinktok #sinkreview #nyc #brooklyn ♬ Black Swan – Swan Lake – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Next, @sinkreviews The Met in Manhattan #foryourpage #sinks #sinktok #sinkreview #nyc #manhattan ♬ Felix Mendelssohn-Symphony No.4 in A major,Op.90-I –

Also, @sinkreviews Rituals in Manhattan #sinks #fyp #sinktok #sinkreview #nyc ♬ Richard Strauss – Symphonie C-dur Jenaer: Adagio cantabile – Saxon State Orchestra, Franz Konwitschny (conductor)

Finally, @sinkreviews Tacombi in Nolita #fyp #sinks #sinkreview #nyc #sinktok ♬ Fur Elise – Beethoven