Mandatory TikTok: @bigbeaubrown Is the Must-Follow TikToker of the Week

Everyone wants to be big, but only a few people ever actually qualify. People like 7’1″ TikToker Beau Brown create first-person videos to help you live your big dreams. He wears a POV camera attached to his head and then takes his TikTok audience on thrilling, everyday adventures. His fans suggest not only adventures but also products. Beau’s first-person perspective videos highlight the, uh, highs and lows of being taller than just about everyone, including what it’s like to fly (not good), going to the grocery store, and what kind of bed someone over 7 feet tall has to use.

Perhaps some of the interest comes from his stunning 6-foot-tall girlfriend or his size 18 shoe. To be totally honest, outside of being super tall, Beau’s pretty funny and interesting too. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our favorite videos from @bigbeaubrown and discover why this TikToker is so damn popular.

Image: Henrik Sorensen (Getty Images)
First, @bigbeaubrown Tall girls need love too D1 Babies.. #tall #fyp #reaction #ChewTheVibes @_sarajanebrown ♬ original sound – BigBeauBrown

Second, @bigbeaubrown When I tell you I was shocked… shout out to Kevin For showing me this!! what a cool dude! #reaction #tall #fyp ♬ original sound – BigBeauBrown

Next, @bigbeaubrown I finally found a keyboard for me…follow my twitch to see me use this live link in bio #tall #fyp #keyboard ♬ original sound – BigBeauBrown

Then, @bigbeaubrown how would you fit on this bed? #fyp #tall @bigmattressco ♬ original sound – BigBeauBrown

Finally, @bigbeaubrown Accidentally scaring old ladies is a hobby of mine. #ReTokforNature #shopping #tall #reaction ♬ original sound – BigBeauBrown