Coronavirus Movie Marathon: The Best Sick Day Films When You Have a Lengthy Quarantine Ahead

Do you remember when you were a kid and faked being sick to avoid school? You thought you were so smart. Then you realized there’s nothing worse than daytime TV. Ok, maybe coronavirus is a little worse. But, at least Netflix and other streaming services saved us from awful daytime talk shows. Right now, the whole world is having a sick day. China has quarantined whole cities. Japan shuttered all its schools. Hong Kong followed suit. Even world leaders aren’t safe.

The death toll in the U.S. is climbing. Consequently, forced quarantines may become a temporary reality for some Americans. It may even infect the global economy. If you get stuck indoors, don’t get your face mask in a knot. Above all, remember to stay calm. For some people, watching a horror movie actually relieves tension. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got the flicks for you. Here’s a list of 10 terrifying movies about how getting sick destroyed or almost destroyed the world.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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