Billie Eilish’s ‘No Time to Die’ Theme Song Is an Instant Classic (And 11 Other Irresistible Movie Theme Songs)

Movies need music. Even after the storylines have faded from memory and we can’t recall actors’ names, we can still drum up the theme songs to some of Hollywood’s most unforgettable films. The latest addition to the theme song genre is Billie Eilish’s “No Time to Die” tune. The new 007 song is sultry, tortured, and dark — an instant classic, not unlike the forthcoming Bond movie is sure to be. Grammy Award-winning Eilish wrote the tune in only three days and got the coveted stamp of approval from No Time to Die star Daniel Craig for her efforts. While we await that film’s arrival in theaters, take a break from playing “No Time to Die” on repeat and reminisce about these other irresistible movie theme songs.

Cover Photo: Karwai Tang / Contributor (Getty Images)

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