Mandatory Staff Picks: The Best Movies About Life After Graduation

Congratulations! You graduated. Now the real work begins. Transitioning into the workforce — and adulthood — has always been rough for new grads, but post-college life is challenging in an unprecedented way for the class of 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic grinding the economy to a halt, companies wary of hiring, and social distancing guidelines preventing you from getting together with your buddies for a gripe session, graduates will likely struggle on a whole ‘nother level this year.

While we wish we could buy you a beer, pat you on the back, and tell you it will all be OK, we’re quarantining just like you are. Instead, you’ll have to take heart with stories of graduates who came before you. These are the best movies about life after graduation — and someday, when the coronavirus outbreak ebbs, there will be a whole new genre of film that captures your unique (and totally bizarre) post-grad experience.

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures

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