AMC Offers 15-Cent Movie Tickets, Popcorn Still Worth More Than Your Life (But It May Cost You Exactly That)

Going to the movies is finally affordable again – but for a limited time only. AMC has announced it’s reopening more than 100 theaters across the country on Aug. 20, and tickets on that day will only cost 15 cents. The promotion is part of the theater chain’s 100th year anniversary, so it’s offering “movies in 2020 at 1920 prices.”

AMC will also be showing classic films like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Grease on the big screens. Even after ticket prices return to normal (read: exorbitant), older films will only cost you a cool $5 to watch.

It’s a clever way to lure movie lovers back to the multiplex. AMC, like many other movie theaters, has been shuttered since March because of the coronavirus pandemic. In that time, moviegoers have rediscovered drive-ins – and, in some places, boat-ins – which allow for simultaneous social distancing and enjoyment of summer weather. But with autumn just around the corner, audiences in cooler climates will be heading indoors – and to dry land – to watch the latest flicks.

Sadly, AMC’s deep opening-day discount doesn’t apply to concessions, which is where you probably spend most of your cash when you go to the movies. The popcorn truly is to die for, but we’re not sure if we could say the same of any movies coming out soon (with the exception of, ironically, No Time to Die).

If you dare sit in an enclosed theater for two hours, maskless so you can stuff your face, well, you just might be risking your life. Maybe pop into an AMC for that incredible artery-clogging popcorn, take it home, and wait until the films are available for streaming?

Cover Photo: South_agency (Getty Images)

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