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Ivanka Trump Tells Unemployed Americans to ‘Find Something New,’ Which Is Precisely What We Wish Her Whole Family Would Do

Ivanka Trump, a woman who’s never had to job search one day in her life, has a message for unemployed Americans: “Find Something New.” The slogan is part of a recently released ad campaign. One 30-second spot featured the stories of formerly unemployed people who, because of the coronavirus pandemic, had to make a professional pivot — and succeeded.

“Now, as a result of COVID, people need to, unfortunately, in some cases learn a completely new skill,” Trump said at the initiative’s White House launch. “But that is also an opportunity to be put on for a new trajectory for themselves and their lives and we want to facilitate that connection back to the workforce and make it as smooth as possible.”

It’s just the latest tone-deaf bullshit from the most hated family in America. A reality check for the rest of us: 18 million people are currently unemployed due to COVID-19, and every week, more than 1 million people file for unemployment benefits for the first time. The problem isn’t that people don’t know how to navigate a career change – it’s that there aren’t enough jobs, period. Unless you’re a Trump, of course, (or married to one), in which case there’s always a made-up position available at your daddy’s company — or presidential administration. No experience necessary.

Here’s a thought, Ivanka: how about you and your talentless family all “find something new” to do in 2021? Preferably in outer space where the rest of us don’t have to hear from any of you ever again.

Cover Photo: Alex Wong / Staff (Getty Images)

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