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New Yorkers Race For Plastic Surgeons to Tighten Things Up As Covid Restrictions Loosen, And the Most Popular Procedure Is….

We’ve all let ourselves go a little bit since the coronavirus pandemic began. First, it was our stylish wardrobes, then our well-coiffed haircuts, then our clean-shaven faces. But now that Covid vaccines are becoming more available and in-person social contact is again on the horizon, we have to pull ourselves together and put our best face forward again. No wonder plastic surgeons are reporting an influx of new patients.

One New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Melissa Doft, told the New York Post that demand has doubled for facelifts, breast implants, and nose jobs as women prepare to pack their calendars full of get-togethers.

Dr. Evan Rieder, a Manhattan dermatologist, said “injectables, Botox, soft-tissue fillers” are what his patients are clamoring for.

An unnamed woman in her early 30s reported using her stimulus check to help pay for a “vampire facial,” which involves reinjecting one’s own blood plasma into the skin for a tightening effect.

“People are going to see my face for the first time in like 18 months. Faces are the new cleavage after so much mystery,” she said. “I know there are better uses of my money, but I just couldn’t go into summer looking like, well, looking like I’d lived through a plague.”

Because so many people are experiencing low self-esteem and anxiety as they prepare to shed their masks this summer, facelifts and neck lifts are also much-sought-after fixes. But for many plastic surgery procedures, it takes about four to six weeks for patients to be “restaurant ready,” so the rush is on to get an appointment.

You could schedule a plastic surgery appointment and blow all your stimulus checks in one day…or you could just get back to your grooming routine and work on your self-acceptance. Not giving AF is free.

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