Covid Vaccine Site Asks People Why They Got the Shot (And Their Answers Are Hilarious)

If you’re lucky enough to be eligible to get a COVID vaccine, we hope you went and got it, and were grateful. The reasons to get vaccinated are myriad: to help prevent community spread, to be able to socialize again, to enjoy food and drinks in public, to return to the office – not to mention to stay alive! It seems obvious why anyone would get a shot in the arm. But then again, common sense isn’t so common.

To wit: a vaccine site in Fayetteville, North Carolina, asked vaxxers to fill out stickers identifying their motivation for getting the vaccine.

Photos of the stickers, taken by Rebecca Uliasz and Tyler Hall, were shared on Twitter by their roommate, Charlie Innis, who is a reporter for local paper The News & Observer. They’ve gone viral.

In response to “Why I got the shot,” people gave all sorts of reasons. Some were sincere, like “To be a better librarian,” or “I want my grandmother around longer.”

But many of them were ridiculous:

“Because my wife told me to!”

“To eat inside of a Chili’s.”

“Because mama ain’t raise no B _ _ _ _ !”

“My President Trump said I could/should.”

If you need your wife or a corrupt politician to convince you your life is worth saving, we’re afraid you need help beyond what a medical provider with a coronavirus vaccine can give you. Take a moment and locate your balls, gentlemen.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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