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Kevin Bacon Shares Banana-Slicing Hack in Viral TikTok (Give This Man a Cooking Show Already!)

With a name like Kevin Bacon, we should’ve known he would one day dominate the food space on social media. Remember back in August, when he shared his brilliant spicy mango hack? Well, now the Footloose actor has topped even that kitchen hack with a new TikTok video.

@kevinbaconThe things we do…Happy ##ValentinesDay ##PerfectMatch ##ValentinesDIY ##StepByStep♬ original sound – Kevin Bacon

Just like his previous vid, Bacon keeps his voice to a whisper. That’s because he doesn’t want to wake his longtime lady love, Kyra Sedgwick, for whom he must make breakfast on the regular. In this video, he explains that Sedgwick likes bananas on her pound cake (make your own innuendo-laden pun here). The problem is, he doesn’t always know when she’s going to wake up. If he slices the bananas too soon, they turn brown.

But fret not, breakfast makers, because there is a way around this dilemma. All you need is a needle and thread. No, seriously. With the grace and confidence of a modern man who knows his way around a sewing kit, Bacon pulls out his tools and begins to thread the needle from one side of the ‘nana to the other. When he reaches the other side, he pulls the thread around, tugs on it forcefully, and it makes a crunch sound. That’s one slice. Simply repeat until you’ve made your way down the banana. Then you leave the banana fully peeled until you’re ready to eat. Then you slice the banana peel off with a knife and ta da! Perfect banana slices that haven’t turned brown.

Granted, this is a lot more work than just telling your breakfast mate to hold her horses while you slice a banana, but we all know some people have no patience in the morning. If that’s your girlfriend, then Bacon’s hack is a must-have in your arsenal.

Now our only question is: when is someone going to give this man a cooking show already? We could watch him manhandle food for days.

Cover Photo: @kevinbacon (TikTok)

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