Meanwhile on TikTok: Genius Corn on the Cob Hack Goes Viral (And We Are All Ears)

Photo: Aleksandr Zubkov (Getty Images)

Summer is not complete without a nice ear (or three) of grilled corn on the cob. But, if you’re anything like us, the butter-slathered, salt-covered (and sometimes seasoned with random spices) corn requires a bib and potentially a shower after indulging. In the simplest terms, eating corn on the cob is a messy endeavor. Sure, you can simply cut off all of the corn nuggets with a knife, but you end up missing some and wasting an ear of grilled corn. Luckily, an ingenious TikTok hack is here to save the day while keeping your clothing free of butter and salt.

It’s surprisingly simple and the type of hack that makes us wonder how we didn’t think of it before. The unique hack comes from a TikToker named @creativescraps. Her video, which has racked up millions of views since it went online last week, shows her husband sitting with a bundt cake tin. He takes an ear of corn, places it in the middle, covers it with a cup, and pushes it down.

@creativescraps@apaesthetic here is the video you requested showing the cob when finished, and thank you to the person who suggested the cup original sound – user card creator

While it’s really difficult to describe what he’s doing, you can watch the video to see the magic that happens. Pushing down on the cup also pushes the corn down and the corn pieces shoot off and fall into the cake pan. Simple, easy, and very effective.

So, if you’re making an end-of-the-summer corn-based salad or you simply want to enjoy corn without having to change your shirt afterward, this is the hack for you.