Meanwhile in Australia: Couple Goes Viral For Cliffside Sex (And You Thought Sex on the Beach Was Ballsy)

It used to be that sex on the beach was the ultimate al fresco way to fuck. But one Australian couple has taken that outdoor form of fornication to new heights – by gettin’ down and dirty on a cliff.

Photographer Scott Robinson caught the couple going at it on camera while he was swimming in Bondi. The pic of the naked lovebirds among rock formations has gone viral since he posted it to a Facebook group called Bondi Local Loop.

“Just thought it was a little levity given the times and the new restrictions,” Robinson told “See lots of wildlife — but never here up on the cliffs.”

The duo wasn’t even subtle while doin’ it – in the pic, you can see sightseers on the bluff above them, completely oblivious to the hanky panky happening below.

Commenters debated whether or not doing the nasty in this way violates current Covid restrictions down under, which currently state that residents cannot leave their homes except to engage in “outdoor recreation or outdoor exercise.”

“When she says ‘let’s go for a coastal walk,” someone joked.

“Yes, it’s cardio and also improves your mental health,” another added.

“Holyyyyyyyy crap. Those people above had no idea what they were missing out on,” a third opined.

We don’t see the harm in a little outdoor humping as long as no one gets hurt. Pound away, players!

Photos: Facebook



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