Meanwhile in New Jersey: ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ Goes Viral For Fake Shopping Freak-Out, God We Love the Internet

The Karens just won’t quit. The latest white lady to lose her shit was from (no surprise) New Jersey. Allegedly, the Karen in question harassed, followed, and tried to hit a Black woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, in a Millburn Victoria’s Secret.

When Ukenta started filming the Karen with her cell phone, the white woman turned on the waterworks and began sobbing in the middle of the lingerie store as if she were the victim. Videos of the incident understandably went viral.

Police were called to the scene at Short Hills Mall, where the Karen told officers she was having a panic attack as a result of being recorded because she feared losing her job. Ukenta claims she was filming to protect herself from false accusations. As for the cops, they said they couldn’t remove the Karen from the mall because, well, emoting in public isn’t a crime. The Essex County Prosecutors Office is currently investigating.

All we want to know is: did Ukenta get her free VS panties, which is what brought her to the store in the first place? She certainly deserves a consolation prize for putting up with Karen’s hysterics.

Cover Photo: Twitter