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Meanwhile on TikTok: Fast-Food Karen Gets Flame-Broiled After Complaining Husband Was Too Distracted Staring at Employee’s Buns

TikTok Karen is back and this time she’s complaining about her hot date night at Burger King being ruined by a black employee whose BK uniform was too damn sexy.

That’s right, the dead-eye grey polo and jeans combo with a splash of ’80s-era hamburger flair were so alluring, TikTok Karen’s husband couldn’t stop staring at them. Allegedly his mouth was watering the entire meal, and not from the famous Grade F, flame-broiled meat patties that have led to so many urgent bathroom runs.

TikTok user @rockefeller.o posted of her close encounter with fast-food Karen, wondering how on earth anyone could find her Burger King uniform offensive. While handling Burger King Karen politely at work, the Sudanese biochemistry student living in the Midwest let her true feelings shine through on social media. It was the perfect setup for a TikTok troll roast.

“I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband … ” the TikTik caption read as @rockefeller.o turned around to show viewers her hot buns. “I guess I’ll leave my ass at home next time.”

After the video went viral with over 15 million views, people gave an outpouring of support with comments like, “She should be mad at her husband, not you,” and, “For real!!! Our bodies are not a distraction.”

But of course, a few haters had to jump on the opportunity to flex their racism, with one user posting “Typical [N-word] always trying to get attention and always being a homewrecker.” Here’s how @rockefeller.o who IRL goes by Lala responded, “My back hurts from carrying the weight of… NOt caring because I did nothing wrong except wear my uniform and STILL got sexually objectified and harassed.”

Is there anything more American than a Karen sighting inside a fast-food restaurant? We think not. Except for an intrepid immigrant working her way through college while wading through casual bigotry on her way to a brighter future. Don’t you just love the taste of flame-broiled Karen?

Cover Photo: TikTok @rockefeller.o

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