Meanwhile on TikTok: Woman Shares Pantry of Fast Food That Just Won’t Rot (And Somehow We’re Drooling)

You’ve heard the rumors that fast food doesn’t rot, right? Those hamburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and other bad-for-you-but-so-irresistible eats are so full of preservatives, chemicals, and who-the-hell-knows-what that they simply retain their form for long beyond their expiration date. How long? Well, one woman on TikTok has been collecting fast-food menu items for years, and they look as “fresh” as the day she bought them.

The secret stash was exposed by TikToker Elif Kandemir. Her mom keeps a pantry full of portable plastic storage drawers in which she saves edibles like donuts, pizza, and fries.

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“My mum is a nutritionist helping to tackle obesity,” the video’s text reads. “These foods shown here are ultra-processed foods that 80% of the UK consume on a regular basis.”

Most of the food is over two years old – not that you could tell. (Or maybe you could if you tasted it?)

“And though it is true, that you can have anything and everything in moderation, 80% of a person’s diet should not be made up of these foods,” Kandemir says in a follow-up video that features other junk food items like cookies, cinnamon rolls, and candy.

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While we understand her point and agree that fast-food and junk food should be occasional treats, not daily staples, we have to admit: seeing those drawers and drawers packed with our greasy, cheesy, fatty favorites made us start drooling a little. The food collection turned us on, not off.

“Still fancy that burger?” the TikToker captioned her first video.

Yes, Elif, yes. We’re sorry to say that we absolutely do.

Cover Photo: @ elifgkandemir (TikTok)



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