Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson Sets Goal of Removing 100-Plus Tattoos By Age 30 (Wait, Are We Not 50, Asked Bags Under His Eyes)

Pete Davidson has two defining traits – tattoos and undereye bags – and he’s about to get rid of one of them. The actor has over 100 tats, and he’s on a mission to remove them all by his 30th birthday (a little over two years away for those who are keeping track).

Because he never planned on acting in movies, he let his body be a canvas for all sorts of ink. But now, after spending way too much time in the makeup chair – as long as three hours a day – he’s ready to say goodbye to all that body art.

In a recent interview with PeopleTV host Jeremy Parsons, Davidson said he’s been getting his tats lasered off. It’s a slow process, but he’s sticking with it. “It takes like a month for it to heal,” he said. “They said by the time I’m 30, they should all be gone. So they got like two more years left of this.”

Always the opportunist, Davidson used images of him undergoing the tattoo removal process in a recent SmartWater ad.

“I’ve made a lot of questionable choices, and a couple of them need removing,” he jokes in the spot. “But now I’m trying to make smarter choices, hydrating with Smartwater and stuff like that.”

We can only wonder: did it hurt more getting the ink or getting it removed? Because “laser” is really just a euphemism for “controlled burn.” Ah, well, we wish him luck with this massive project – and hope he gets his eye bags done next. With all those tats gone, and all that pasty skin exposed, everyone’s going to be looking at his face from here on out.

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