Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Parties With Ben Affleck’s Ex Lindsay Shookus (This Is All Starting to Feel a Little Incestuous, Guys)

Just when you thought Alex Rodriguez might quietly slink off into the night post-breakup with Jennifer Lopez, along comes news like this which makes us think we haven’t seen the last of A-Rod/J.Lo/Ben Affleck drama.

Apparently, the pro ball player attended Lindsay Shookus’ birthday party over the weekend. “Who?” you say. Oh, only Ben Affleck’s ex, whom he dated off and on from 2017 to 2019. The duo was captured on film at the small backyard fete in the Hamptons. Rodriguez was seen sitting next to Shookus as the pair watched Josh Beckerman, aka the “Foodie Magician,” doing his tricks.

Though romance rumors are already swirling, those close to the celebs swear the relationship is purely platonic. “There is absolutely zero there,” a rep for Rodriguez told Page Six, the outlet that broke the story. “They’ve been friends for 15 years.”

So friendly, in fact, that Shookus had dinner with Rodriguez and Lopez back in December 2019, prior to J.Lo hosting SNL, for which Shookus is a producer.

Still with us? Because this love square is getting increasingly complicated. Basically, A-Rod might be dating Affleck’s ex, while Affleck is dating A-Rod’s ex. We were down with the Bennifer reunion, but this Shookus-Rodriguez alliance is starting to make this scenario a little incestuous. Aren’t there enough people to date in the world without chasing down your ex’s ex’s ex? Come on.

Cover Photos: Gotham / Contributor and Jeff Kravitz / Contributor (Getty Images)



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