Meanwhile in Bennifer: J. Lo Just Deleted A. Rod From Her Instagram, Pretty Sure That’s Game Over Dude

Dating in 2021 can be brutal. With the pandemic still making IRL hookups a little tricky and a polarizing social climate leading to folks getting into arguments on the first date, it seems we live in the age of crossed wires. But one thing is still crystal clear: Getting deleted from your ex’s Instagram means game over, dude.

Just weeks after Bennifer became social media official, the final blow has come for A. Rod with J. Lo finally purging past photos of her relationship with the baseball legend on Instagram. And as if that message wasn’t loud and clear enough (it was), she unfollowed him too.


Getting dumped can be devastating. It rewrites your entire relationship in a way that can take a toll on your mental health. You start to wonder what you even meant to your ex. Were you a rebound? A failed attempt at true love? Or as the name might suggest, just… a rod?

While most of us need a lot of time to get over a breakup, we have a feeling A. Rod is going to be just fine. Sure, it must hurt to see Bennifer popping up on your newsfeed every goddamn day for the foreseeable future. But after a weeks-long yacht party with a rotating cast of bikini-clad women, it looks like the ex-Yankee has no shortage of medical resources available to nurse his broken heart.

Honestly, we think J. Lo’s Instagram “unfollow” was just the thing Roddy needed to rip off the bandaid. And if he’s ever feeling blue, he only needs to remind himself of one thing: Despite the fact that Affleck is now sliding into home base on a nightly basis, he will never be able to hit an actual home run.

Feels better now, doesn’t it?

Cover Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

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