Jennifer Aniston

Who Wore It Better: Jennifer Aniston v. Harry Styles

Fashion knows no gender. One look at Harry Styles and his binary-bending aesthetic and you’ll see what we mean. But the dress-donning pop singer is not the only one wearing clothes that used to be reserved for the opposite sex. Jennifer Aniston is getting in on that action, too.

In a recent InStyle spread, the Friends star was photographed in a patterned Gucci suit…the same duds that Styles rocked at the 2021 Brit Awards in May.

Twitter fans were falling all over themselves in awe of the fashion imitation – which, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

It’s not the first time that these two celebs have copycatted each other, either. Check them out in these identical “Save the drama for your mama” T-shirts.

But back to the Gucci suit, and the big question at hand: who wore it better?

We gotta say, Jennifer Aniston is bringing so much sex appeal to what might otherwise be an obnoxious fashion statement that we have to give it up to her. But Styles potentially deserves credit for putting it on her radar. In the end, they’re both winners when it comes to fashion sense.

Cover Photos: Emma Summerton for InStyle and JMEnternational / Contributor (Getty Images)