Mandatory Movie Battles: ‘Space Jam’ vs. ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Twenty-five years later, 1996’s Space Jam starring Michael Jordan is a cult classic. In the time since, there’s been plenty talk of a sequel; however, when Jordan passed, no baller in their right mind wanted to team up with the Looney Tunes and take his place. Enter LeBron James. Someone who’s not only in the conversation for one of the all-time great NBA players but seems to fancy himself Jordan’s successor. Case in point: Space Jam: A New Legacy. So, is James’ two-hour Warner Bros. commercial—which showcases every IP the studio owns as to indoctrinate children—better than its predecessor? In this edition of Mandatory Movie Battles, we pit Space Jam against Space Jam: A New Legacy and see who’s the real GOAT. 

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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You can’t compete with a classic. While there are moments in Space Jam: A New Legacy that embrace the spirit of the original, it’s ultimately held back by being one big WB commercial that does little for nostalgia. Therefore, James’ romp will fade into infamy and the image of Jordan’s half-court dunk will remain. 

Overall Winner: Space Jam

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