The Batman

Mandatory Movie Battles: ‘The Batman’ vs. ‘Batman Begins’

In the latest edition of Mandatory Movie Battles, we’re delving into the world of Gotham City for a battle of the Batmen. By this point, Batman has been a mainstay of cinema for over six decades. We have seen the best & worst of what the character has to offer over numerous live-action adaptions throughout this time. Among these movies is Batman Begins, whose influence stretches from the beginning of the MCU to modern-day blockbusters. After 10 long (excruciating) years, the latest solo Batman venture, The Batman, has finally arrived in theaters. But how does it stack up to Batman Begins? Let’s find out!

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

When you hold Batman Begins and The Batman side by side, it becomes evident that they’re both trying to do the same thing, while also taking completely different approaches. As much as there are some similarities between the two, they’re also great examples of how a director’s specific vision can change the path to achieve the same effect. In short, they are both movies that explore what Batman thinks the city needs. In reality, they are equally as divergent in terms of learning to be the kind of Batman that Gothan needs them to be. 

At the same time, The Batman is probably not the movie that you are expecting. For this reason alone. Matt Reeves’s film is sure to be divisive (especially in the modern age of internet fandom). Aside from this, The Batman is expertly crafted & diligently made, standing as the modern high-bar for the future potential of Superhero Cinema.

Overall Winner: The Batman


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