The Adam Project

Mandatory Movie Battles: Who Has the Better Time Travel Movie, Ryan Reynolds’ ‘The Adam Project’ v. Michael J. Fox’s ‘Back to the Future’

Welcome to Mandatory Movie Battles, where we pit two movies against each other for total dominance. In this edition, we’re pitting Ryan Reynolds against Michael J Fox in a battle between two similar time travel movies, one of which is definitely not a soft remake of the other. By this point, Back to the Future is a science fiction institution. So much so, that just about every time a time travel movie comes out it is almost immediately compared to BTTF. Enter The Adam Project, which is Netflix’s attempt to capture the magic of a retro 80s Amblin picture. But how does the tail of the pop culture ouroboros stack up to the head? Let’s find out!

Cover Photos: Universal/Netflix

There’s no denying the influence of a movie like Back to the Future. It’s a stone-cold classic that undeniably influenced time travel movies ever since. At the same time, The Adam Project is a fun 80s sci-fi throwback. Unlike what the people of the internet may imply, both of these things can be true. And contrary to popular belief (DC stans, we’re looking at you), it is possible to enjoy similar, yet different, movies. Just because BTTF is the de-facto time travel movie doesn’t mean that we also can’t enjoy something like The Adam Project. But as admirable as the Netflix film is, there’s probably no way Back to the Future will ever be topped. Ultimately, it should be considered a huge honor to even mention The Adam Project in the same sentence as Back to the Future.

Overall Winner: Back to the Future


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