The Adam Project

Mandatory Trailers: Somehow More Ryan Reynolds in Netflix’s ‘The Adam Project’ Remaking Every ’80s Movie (Maybe Remake His Last 5 Movies, But Good)

Netflix recently unveiled its 2022 slate of original movies. Despite the terrible marketing copy that A-list actors are forced to perform, one of the more interesting movies of the bunch was The Adam Project. The film stars the always-bankable Ryan Reynolds, serving as a follow-up to last year’s Free Guy (which was also directed by Shaun Levy). Considering how the latter took an incredible premise and mostly wasted it, let’s just hope that The Adam Project won’t suffer the same fate.

As you can see from the first trailer, The Adam Project is looking to achieve the rare achievement of remaking every 80s sci-fi movie all at once. The movie seems to combine the whimsy of something like E.T. with the time travel of Back to the Future. Heap on a huge scoop of nostalgic 80s movie references, and you get a Netflix executive’s wet dream. To be fair, the same strategy worked for Levy before, who was one of the crucial voices in getting Stranger Things made.

Nevertheless, Reynolds seems to be giving a genuinely great performance here. Not to mention the excellent supporting cast, which also features a fitting 13 Going On 30 reunion between Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. It’s kind of adorable. Interestingly enough, Reynolds’ transition from the guy who was known for Van Wilder to becoming a leading man in a children’s film is legendary in its own right. If anything, Netflix can just remake Ryan Reynolds’ last few movies, but actually good this time.

Cover Photo: Netflix


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