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Ryan Reynolds Coaches Pre-Teen Version of Himself in Hilarious New Ad, Doesn’t Get Much Cheesier Than This

If any actor knows how to hawk a product, it’s Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star has appeared in ads for everything from his own Aviation Gin to Mint Mobile. But his latest spot is definitely cheesy – and not just because it’s for Kraft Mac & Cheese.

In a 30-second vid for the kid pantry staple, Reynolds appears with Walker Scobell, his co-star from The Adam Project. In the film, as in the ad, Scobell plays a pre-teen version of Reynolds.

The ad starts off with Scobell filming a commercial for the addictive pasta dinner. (Meta, we know.) But something’s off. None of his one-liners are appropriate for the brand.

“Kraft Mac & Cheese: if your parents don’t buy it, stop loving them,” Scobell quips. “Kraft Mac & Cheese: if cheese and rainbows had a baby.”

An exasperated director asks, “Why won’t he just say the line?”

Reynolds, who is watching this disaster off-camera, confesses, “this may be my fault.” He explains that Scobell plays a 12-year-old version of himself in a movie. Then the older, wiser actor intervenes.

“Hey bud,” he tells Scobell. “Listen, you need to get it together right now because time is money and you’re ruining it.”

After the pep talk, Scobell gives the camera a big grin and says, “Kraft Mac & Cheese: help yourself.”

And…sold! (Honestly, guys, you had us at “Kraft Mac & Cheese.”)

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