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Ryan Reynolds Convinces Steve-O to Eat a Carolina Reaper Pepper to Spice Up His Small Business Demo (Sold!)

You can always count on Ryan Reynolds to bring the funny to any situation, even an ad about a boring connected TV performance marketing platform. (No, we don’t know what that is, either.) To spice up said demo, he somehow convinced Jackass alum Steve-O to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper (aka the hottest thing you can legally put in your mouth).

To provide a little more context, Reynolds is the Chief Creative Officer of MNTN. The company facilitates television advertising for brands, supposedly in three steps that are so simple you can work your way through them even while your mouth is on fire.

“I thought I was here to promote my small business using MNTN’s platform,” Steve-O says in the ad when he finds out what’s about to transpire.

“You are, but we’d also we also like to see you eat the peppers,” Reynolds responds.

“Only because I love you,” Steve-O says. Then he bites into the chile pepper, which measures over 1.5 million on the Scoville heat index. That’s almost hotter than pepper spray, for comparison’s sake.

As the effects of the pepper begin to take over in the form of watering eyes, a hoarse throat, and snot rockets, Steve-O struggled to explain how brands can use MNTN – including his own hot sauce brand, Steve’s Hot Sauce For Your Butthole. The sauce is billed as “Just hot enough for your butthole* to know about it and too delicious for your mouth to ever forget.”

Steve-O can barely breathe the words, “My whole throat is on fire like I just drank lava,” but he manages to explain the features of the software, as well as comment on MNTN’s user-friendly design and visually pleasing website until he can’t stand the heat anymore and seeks refuge in a glass of milk.

We can’t say we’ll be using MNTN anytime soon, but we also can’t recall a time we’ve enjoyed an ad this much. Advertise to us anytime, Ryan Reynolds! You have our full attention.

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