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Chris Hemsworth Didn’t Eat Meat Before Kiss With ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Co-Star Natalie Portman Because She’s Vegan (Raising the Bar Awfully High Here, Chris)

We have a beef with Chris Hemsworth. It’s that he’s too perfect. According to Natalie Portman, her Thor: Love and Thunder co-star abstained from eating meat prior to their onscreen kiss because she’s a vegan.

“The day we had a kiss scene, [Hemsworth] didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m vegan,” Portman told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp on Capital FM in a recent interview. For those unaware, Portman plays Jane Foster (aka Thor’s ex) in the film.

“He eats meat like every half hour,” Portman continued. “That was so thoughtful…That’s not something I’m angry about or care about, but he was just being thoughtful. He’s a very nice person.”

Fellow Thor actor Tessa Thompson heard this for the first time along with the rest of us in the same interview. “That’s really sweet,” she remarked, claiming she “didn’t even know [Hemsworth] could go without eating meat.” Then she surmised that the Australian action star eats bison for breakfast. It was a joke, but we wouldn’t put it past him.

The two leading ladies couldn’t gush enough about the man who plays the iconic Norse god.

“[Hemsworth is] pretty great,” Thompson continued. “Even when he’s grumpy, he’s pretty cute and nice…He does get grumpy sometimes, and he does get hangry, but…he’s still sweet.”

“He’s really a good guy,” Portman concurred.

That may be, but we think Hemsworth is setting the bar rather high for the rest of us. While we’re all for respecting people’s dietary restrictions and even avoiding eating offensive foodstuffs in front of our vegan friends, abstaining completely in anticipation of a kiss is, well, a little extra. Hemsworth is out here trying to be a gentleman, but he’s making the rest of us look bad in more ways than one.

What’s next? Gluten-free, dairy-free kisses? Then again, what dude couldn’t use sweeter-smelling breath? Maybe Chris Hemsworth is onto something here…

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