TikTok’s Tortilla Challenge Is the Dumbest Thing You Have to Try

Photo: TikTok

TikTok, while being filled with strange, viral dance videos, is also home to a ton of equally odd food trends. We’re talking about Kool-Aid pickles, watermelon dipped in mustard, chocolate and tomato, and even hot dogs slathered in creamy peanut butter. But TikTok is also home to many challenges. People film themselves attempting to complete these odd challenges, usually to hilarious results. A recent challenge even added food into the equation. Specifically, a tortilla.

In the hierarchy of really dumb TikTok trends, it’s very difficult to beat the Tortilla Challenge. It’s silly, it’s wacky, it’s very strange, and it has taken the internet by storm. In the simplest terms, it involves a game of rock, paper, scissors, a tortilla, and a mouthful of water. But it’s so much more than this and for some reason, we feel like we need to try it as soon as possible.

Here’s a little background on what exactly the challenge entails. First, you fill your mouth with water. Then, you play a game of rock, paper, scissors. All this while you keep a tortilla in your hand waiting to use it. Whoever loses the game of rock, paper, scissors receives a tortilla slap from the other player. You go back and forth, attempting to not laugh. If you laugh, you’ll spit the water out and then you lose the game. Sounds pretty silly right? But you probably still want to try it. Even if you aren’t going to film it and upload it to TikTok

And while this might be the most mind-numbingly ridiculous challenge to ever appear on TikTok, you shouldn’t feel bad about still wanting to try it. It’s crazy popular with the hashtag #tortillachallenge getting more than 200 million views. Even celebrities like Jimmy Fallon have gotten in on the action. Plus, if it looks like fun, try it. Who cares if the neighbors see you and think you’re crazy, right?


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