Mandatory Food Hack of the Week: A TikTok to Get You Some Free McDonald’s French Fries

Photo: Joff Lee (Getty Images)

French fries might be the greatest food ever created. Honestly, we dare you to find a better food. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Here’s why they are so amazing: they’re handheld due to the nifty container, they’re crispy, hot, and delicious (hopefully), and they’re salty and savory. What’s not to love? The only thing that stinks about French fries is that, after munching on them for a few minutes, they’re bound to be all gone. If only there was a way to immediately get more crispy fries even though you already finished the allotted amount. Thanks to some crafty TikTokers, there is.

This week’s TikTok food hack is the trending hack of how exactly to get free French fries. The best part? It’s surprisingly easy. You don’t need to use some strange app, know a shady gatekeeper, or sell your soul to some kind of horned creature. You simply need to walk to the counter and ask for them.

@itsosoprodigyMcDonald’s out here with exceptional service they icecream machine was down tho ##fyp ##mcdonalds ##fypシ ##xyzbca original sound – Orlando Johnson

A TikToker named Orlando Johnson filmed his friend simply walking up to the counter at his local McDonald’s and asking for a refill. Surprisingly, he actually got one. While we don’t know if this will work at every McDonald’s, Johnson and his pals tried this at Wendy’s and Popeye’s and it worked in those restaurants too.

We suggest that if you plan to try this, you should be prepared to be turned down. But you just might end up with a new bundle of crispy, golden fries. It’s worth a try, right?


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