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Meanwhile on Instagram: Influencers in Norway Could Be Jailed For Editing Images, Prison Selfies to Be Ultimate Social Media Road Trip

We love-hate Instagram as much as the next person. It’s a platform that encourages us to compare our sad, insignificant lives to those of others who not only seem to have their shit together but also seem to be living better than anyone deserves to. While we know that social media is heavily curated and only shows the good stuff, it still stings to see how aesthetically pleasing people’s lives appear to be on the app.

But that’s just us. On the other side of the world, the Norwegians are fed up with the fakeness of Instagram photos – and they’re taking drastic measures to force influencers to get real with their posts.

According to a new law, advertisers and social media influencers who get paid for sponsored posts could be fined or imprisoned if they don’t blatantly disclose that their pics are edited. The Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs has even created a new label that must be added to advertisement posts if a person featured in the image has had their shape, size or skin altered.

The lawmakers’ intentions are in the right place; they were moved by a 2017 report by the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health that found Instagram had the worst effect on young people’s mental health over all other social media platforms.

So while this new law may mean we see fewer airbrushed beauties on the platform, it might make us feel a little bit better about ourselves. Then again, even on our best days, we’ll never be as attractive as an untouched model.

It won’t be long until influencers end up behind bars – and unfiltered prison selfies become the new Instagram trend.

Cover Photo: MichaelSvoboda (Getty Images)