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Black Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police was a wake-up call for the whole world. We’ve neglected the perspectives and experiences of black people for too long. While Instagram may not be the most political of platforms, it is a deeply problematic one when it comes to race. It has been well documented that Instagram lacks diversity, especially where influencers are concerned. Black influencers are less likely to be taken seriously by brands and are paid less when they partner with them. Counteract this digital-age form of discrimination by giving these outstanding accounts a follow and liking and sharing their posts. Not only will you enjoy breathtaking pics, you’ll be prompted to support black businesses, read books by black authors, and receive timely reminders about taking action to combat racism.

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Michell C. Clark describes his account as: “The voice in the back of your head saying: ‘You got this.’” The content creator specializes in affirmations for creatives and entrepreneurs, some of which he sells on merch at his Love Yo Self Shop. Clark’s Instagram account is a combination of motivational missives and dapper selfies. Whether you need a new mindset or a fresh look, Clark has you covered.


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I started writing about self-love as a concept because I knew that I had to. I’ve been waging war against the “you’re not good enough and your writing is trash” voice in my head for years. Writing out the thoughts that I need to hear has comforted me and helped me to push past my own insecurities. is the natural progression of that writing process. The original plan was to drop one t-shirt, sell it for a few weeks, and call it a day. Then, I started to see people’s faces light up when they read my shirt. I read messages from people who feel just a little bit more confident, or at peace every time they wear their shirt. I felt a need to make this more than one t-shirt, because I saw how it was helping people like me. That’s the mission I’m on right now — making much more than a t-shirt. Give us a follow, let us know what you need, and buy a shirt for someone who needs it.

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Karl Shakur is a globe-trotting photographer from the Midwest. He signs each of his jaw-dropping pics with the motto, “Stay adventurous, dear friends.” Cue wanderlust!


Catch a wave with Nathan Fluellen, an insanely fit surfer who wears a wetsuit as well as he wears a tuxedo. On his vibrant feed, he takes viewers from beautiful beaches all over the world to celebrity-schmoozing events.


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What’s up IG, I haven’t posted in a long time for many reasons. I was taking time off to enjoy not having to participate in the rat race and connecting with family and friends. I’ve spent hours on Zoom, FaceTime, Marco Polo, and FB messenger than ever before, living my best life; I haven’t heard that in a while. My days have been filled with great joy, cracking jokes with my cousins, friends, and the Tennessee State family. I hope this new trend is permanent, and we continue to carve out time for phone calls and video chats as our lives transition into the New Normal. During many of my conversations, people have asked me how I’m handling the quarantine, and fortunately, I live in LA, and the city has so many personalities. I’ve been taking advantage of the clear streets to ride my bike across various neighborhoods and enjoy the peace of riding safely. Exploring LA had me thinking about my favorite city, Rio de Janeiro, and why I love it there. Each neighborhood provides a different vibe from surfing at the beach to hiking to the top of the Two Brothers mountain, which overlooks Ipanema and Leblon, and the view is spectacular. I do miss traveling, but I’m also loving being at home and being still. I hope you will take this opportunity to find an adventure in your city, explore a new area, and adventure accordingly! ~ How have you spent your time in the quarantine? ~ #escapewithnate #worldwidenate #riodejaneiro #adventureaccordingly #summertime

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Justin R Gerrard is a man on the move. As the director of growth marketing at Twitch, he knows how to build an audience. He was also the CMO and co-founder of Bae :: Before Anyone Else, a mobile app for black singles. His Instagram feed is a mix of family, travel, and professional milestones.


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Vacation vibes, wine and gratitude. | : @lifewithag_ # Just returned from a family trip to Italy where I spent 7 days in a Tuscan villa and toured the region with my wife, siblings and parents. The touristy excursions were incredible – great food, stunning views and ancient towns – but what was most impactful was the time spent in the villa going deep with my family. We discussed topics that could be initially uncomfortable, but ultimately rewarding; dealt with grief and loss, and reaffirmed our deep affection for each other. # I’m thankful for my tribe for allowing me to thrive in my own way, and for our continued efforts towards openness and transparency as we build an even stronger foundation.

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Ryan Clark is the founder of the fashion blog HighFashionLiving. His Instagram is chock full of bespoke suits, self-care strategies (yes, he’s man enough to wear a skincare mask while drinking tea), and promos for products you will want to snatch up for yourself. You won’t find more swagger anywhere on IG.


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How are y’all holding up?

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Self-described “visual historian” Bobby Rogers has made a name for himself by photographing black folk and celebrating their beauty. In his stunning portraits, the Minneapolis-based artist often depicts his subjects as royalty draped in finery and captured against jewel-hued backdrops. One look at his Instagram and you won’t be able to turn away.


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black women, you are love inside of love. civilization thrives only in your tolerance. do you ever notice when you look up, that you see yourself? a portrait of the eternal. where beauty is the inevitable result. you see, your power can collapse stars—absorbing all that is everlasting: until it isn’t. because of you, I am my mother’s soldier; her mother’s dream; her mother’s castle in the sky. at night I wonder how many castles it took for you to survive, to not destroy everything less opaque than the moons umbra. every object, every being that has not feared their fragility in your presence. but then I remember, that each shinning star is a castle full of your answered prayers. the universe flows through you. Black women, you are love inside of love; the longest kiss in history. sincerely,

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You might recognize Justin Sutherland from Top Chef and Iron Chef. The celebrity chef is having a moment and he’s documenting it on Instagram. From opening restaurants to feeding Black Lives Matter protesters to showing off his collection of Jordans, Sutherland keeps it real, woke, and mouthwatering.


Instagram was where bestselling author Layla F. Saad’s must-read antiracism guide Me and White Supremacy began. Now her work is more timely than ever. Follow her for colorful shelfies, reading recommendations, and reality checks about how white privilege manifests in everyday life and online.


Cleo Wade is a community builder and the bestselling author of Heart Talk and Where to Begin. Her Instagram feed is full of thoughtful reflections and artsy reminders that speak to your heart and encourage you to be your best self.


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I made this print when I found out I was pregnant because I wanted my daughter to grow up with these words in her room. ⠀ Today, I am selling it online for the first time ever with 100% of the proceeds going to The Antiracist Research & Policy Center. ⠀ Their mission is to convene and team up varied specialists to figure out novel and practical ways to understand, explain, and solve seemingly intractable problems of racial inequity and injustice. ⠀ Their research and policy work is deliberately antiracist. They consider racist policies and ideas, and not certain racial groups, to be the racial problem. ⠀ They strive to build an antiracist society of racial equity and justice. ⠀ Please join me in supporting their critical work. ⠀ Prints is 11×14 and available now on or link in bio ⠀ I love you.

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Yes, Jesi Le Rae was a Playboy cover model in the spring of 2019, but don’t let that be the only reason you follow her on Instagram. She’s also a dancer, actress, producer, director, and writer who brings beauty, style, and insight to the social media platform.

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