Meanwhile in England: Pub Owner Claims Bar Is Haunted By Smelly Ghost, Any Excuse to Avoid Cleaning Those Bathrooms After a Year Off

Photo: Elkhamlichi Jaouad / EyeEm (Getty Images)

We’ve all heard stories about haunted bars, pubs, and inns. For some reason, it seems like ghosts enjoy hanging around in the places they’ve imbibed pints over the years. If they owned the place, worked there, or just happened to be a barfly, why wouldn’t they want to spend eternity eerily floating around the establishment they so loved? This is all well and good in most cases as the looming presence of a ghost, specter, or ghoul is usually enough to get a few extra patrons into the building in hopes they’ll run into the spooky presence in the bathroom or randomly sitting beside them at the bar. That is, as long as the biggest characteristic of the ghostly apparition isn’t room-clearing body odor.

Sadly, this is the case at the White Hart in Corsley, Wiltshire, England. Adelle Gill and her partner Steve Ellis run this pub that happens to be haunted by a stinky ghost. But it’s not just the smell that bothers the owners. The ghost is also known to move objects and has even been caught on the pub’s CCTV.

They call him Henry and assume that he’s the former owner. And, while we always enjoy stories about ghosts moving silverware and pint glasses, we’re most interested in the smell associated with this ghoul.

Gill says that she knows “Henry” is around because she smells a “musty BO smell”. As soon as the cloud of stink appears, she knows something ghostly is about to go down. The staff has even described the feeling of hands gripping them and other ghostly occurrences.

Since we’re cynics, we’re not going to completely believe this pub is haunted. While it might be, this seems like a pretty inventive way for a staff member to get away with consistently farting and refusing to wear deodorant while working behind the bar.