Meanwhile in Texas: Woman Attempting to Hit Lover With Car Plows Into Liquor Store Instead (Because What This Situation Needs Is More Booze)

Love can make a person do crazy things. But wanting to mow a lover down with a car isn’t an urge we’ve experienced no matter how high our emotions ran. Then again, we’re not Annie Williams, a Texas woman who attempted to run over her main squeeze – and ended up crashing through a liquor store with her car instead.

It all went down in Irving, Texas, where a drunk Williams decided to drive over her lover for reasons that are still unclear. She made two attempts to hit her target, failed both times, then rammed her black Chrysler SUV into Liquor Depot. She hit a pedestrian (who suffered a broken ankle) and four parked cars along the way.

Of course this was all caught on video, complete with a witness exclaiming “What the f–k just went on?!”

The liquor store sustained damage to the tune of $25K. Williams has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest, DWI, and criminal mischief.

Maybe if she had just walked to the liquor store in the first place and drowned her sorrows rather than go on a road rage rampage, she could’ve saved a lot of people a lot of grief.

Let this be a lesson, gentlemen: when you’re upset, just drink, don’t drive.

Cover Photo: YouTube