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Alicia Silverstone Joins TikTok, Recreates ‘Clueless’ Scene With Son (And We’re Officially Old)

If you remember seeing Clueless, the 1995 Amy Heckerling teen comedy, in the theaters, well, you’re just as old as some of us are. And there’s nothing to make you feel even older than watching that film’s star, Alicia Silverstone, recreate a scene from the iconic flick…with her son.

Yes, the 44-year-old actress who once played Cher Horowitz, the ditzy, spoiled high school student who couldn’t even drive the Jeep her daddy bought her, is a mom. She’s also just joined TikTok. What better way to lure an audience than to tap into the film that defined so many adolescents’ lives in the ‘90s?

The short clip features Silverstone’s 10-year-old son, Bear Blu Jarecki, who slams into a strutting Silverstone, just like the stoner skateboarder in the movie. “Ugh! As if!” Silverstone (who dons the same yellow plaid blazer from the film) exclaims in disgust, before wrapping him in a big hug.

@aliciasilverstoneUgh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok. #Clueless #AsIf♬ Ugh… As if – Alicia Silverstone

“Ugh! As if…I wouldn’t join TikTok,” she captioned the vid.

Fans went nuts for the funny scene, both on TikTok and on Instagram.

“MY FAV THING EVER OH MY,” one wrote.

“… my life is complete now,” another said.

“Omg this movie will always be my favorite I love it,” a commenter gushed.

Apparently Bear is a super fan of the film, too. After seeing it for the first time, he started writing fan fiction about it, inventing new storylines for the quirky and hilarious characters.

“He’ll bring little things (about the movie) up,” Silverstone told Entertainment Tonight. “One night we were laying in bed and he wrote ‘Clueless Part 2’ and what/where Cher would be. It was unbelievable what he thought.”

One of his ideas? That Cher grew up to be someone who “drinks a lot and maybe she’s a makeup artist? Like a professional makeup artist.”

We dig the way this kid thinks. So, tell us, Alicia: how long do we have to wait for a reboot?

Cover Photo: @aliciasilverstone (TikTok)