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Justin Bieber Shaves Head After Dreadlocks Backlash, We’re Not Sure It’s an Improvement

Never doubt the power of the internet. One month after posting a slew of pics featuring himself in dreadlocks – and taking heat for the culturally-appropriated hairstyle – Justin Bieber has a new ‘do.

On Sunday, the pop star posted a new pic of himself and his wife Hailey Baldwin featuring his freshly shaved head on Instagram (above). He also showed off the buzz cut in an Instagram Story, which is now his profile pic.

Photo: @justinbieber (Instagram)

Photo: @justinbieber (Instagram)

Bieber originally donned the dreads while on vacation with his wife and cancel culture came for him. Clapback ranged from “J, please educate yourself on culture [sic] appropriation…. You shouldn’t be wearing dreads… With Love” to “This is cultural appropriation… I know you can do better” to “Didn’t you say you were educating yourself about Black culture so what is this foolery [?].”

We’re glad he ditched the ugly and unwoke locks, but we’re unsure if this fuzzy melon look is a good one on Bieber. Fans were all for it, though; the Bieb’s comment section was packed with heart emojis and compliments.

Isn’t it amazing how one man can have so much, and yet not have a clue what to do with his hair?

Photo: @justinbieber (Instagram)



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