Ranked! The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Cars (Including the New Bieber Mobile)

Celebrities – they’re not just like us. At least not when it comes to cars. It must be nice to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste on a ride, though ultimately, aren’t all vehicles just metal boxes with four wheels that get us from one place to another? (At least, that’s what we tell ourselves to feel better.)

The problem with deep-pocketed celebs and their automotive purchases is that money doesn’t equal taste. So when many of the rich and famous decide to custom build cars, the result isn’t exactly enviable. These 10 custom cars are definitely unique, but we wouldn’t trade our unremarkable Toyota Corolla for any of them. (But if someone tricked out a Prius, that’d be another story…)

These are the 10 most ridiculous celebrity cars, ranked!

Cover Photo: West Coast Customs

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