Best of 2015 | The Cars of the Year

The demise of the automobile was indeed gravely exaggerated, and proper cars made a little bit of a comeback in 2015.

The automotive world took a few steps back from rush to the electric, hybrid void in 2015, reintroducing true performance cars alongside consumer rides that offer responsible mpg via a proper engine. The result was a pool of quality vehicles that defied me to pick 10 top entrants.

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From all the 2015 mades and models I covered over the last 12 months, it was understandably difficult to pull out the 10 stars. Part of that challenge stems from the fact that technology and modern engineering are bringing all sorts of vehicles closer to together in features, performance, mileage, etc.

Sure, a $300,000 Bentley is still vastly superior to a $16,000 Scion. But, they’re intended for different buyers and both target those purchasers accurately. Both are reliable and controlled by remarkably similar driver assisting technology. That makes driving easier and reviewing cars more difficult.

Finally, the trap for compiling any “Best of” for cars, SUVs, trucks, etc., is to rush straight over to the hottest, fastest, most luxurious machines. I’m only a red blooded man. It’s in my genes. But, there’s much to be said for those vehicles engineers work exhaustively to build for average consumers. I made sure some ripe fruit from those labors made its way into this list, too.

In no particular order, here are the best cars reviewed on these virtual pages in 2015.