2015 LA Auto Show: 2017 Ford Focus RS Debuts at Willow Springs

Those who love true driver’s cars — machines dedicated purely to the enjoyment of driving sensations — eagerly away the arrival of the new Ford Focus RS. 

During a special 2015 LA Auto Show event out at Southern California’s Willow Springs Raceway, Ford introduced automotive journalists to the Focus RS with a look inside the new finely tuned street and track machine. 

Ford has an already operating process to produce their performance vehicles, and the Ford Focus RS  takes its place amongst that movement. Focusing on turbocharged power plants and lightweight elements such as carbon fiber, composite materials, aluminum alloys, higher strength steel and magnesium.

Ford’s RS machines and other high performance vehicles like that Mustang GT up their game from the more standard trim levels thanks to specially developed drivetrains, bespoke chassis, high performance brakes and drive modes dedicated to enhanced street and track performance.

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While considered an effective consumer hatchback in a very competitive class, the Focus transforms into an entirely different kind of vehicle with RS tuning. The Focus RS received enhanced aerodynamics, larger cooling aperture for the high performance engine, a roof spoiler and brakes and dedicated brake ducts.


All of this refined technology is powered by an engine that would’ve seemed silly even five years ago. Using their more fuel-efficient, turbocharged EcoBoost system, the Ford Focus RS whips away from lesser cars with a 2.3 liter, four cylinder engine.

With drive reviews coming in the New Year, the car will hit the market in spring, 2016.