‘How I Met Your Mother’ Jokes That Won’t Land In Hilary Duff’s Sequel Series ‘How I Met Your Father’

The year was 2005. George W. Bush was in his second term, Tom Brady won his third ring, and Ted Mosby’s painstakingly-long story of how [he] met [their] mother had just begun. In a different time, How I Met Your Mother made jokes that wouldn’t necessarily land in 2021’s politically correct and hyper-sensitive society—from fat jokes and cultural appropriation to Barney Stinson’s playbook, the early 00s were the wild west. Piggybacking off the recent announcement that a How I Met Your Mother spin-off, How I Met Your Father, is in the works at Hulu starring Hilary Duff, here are some problematic witticisms from yesteryear. 

Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/Gotham (Getty Images)

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