Tom Brady Is Launching an NFT Company, Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Get in on It

Photo: Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)

There’s a reason Tom Brady was given the nickname of “GOAT” and it’s more than just because he’s the greatest (quarterback) of all time. It’s also because it appears the ageless wonder can do no wrong. He left the safe confines of Foxboro where he spent his whole career and promptly won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay while his former teammates missed the playoffs and finished with a lackluster 7-9 record. After that championship, he gave his cell phone number to fans in order to text with him and, yet again, that odd choice ended up working out fine.

Now, he’s launching an NFT company, and we can only assume that it will work out perfectly for the golden boy as well. It’s called Autograph, and it will sell digital collectibles. But, what exactly the brand will be selling is a bit of a mystery. We do know some things about Autograph, though. You can check them all out below.

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