You Can Get Free Chicken Wings For a Year, All You Need to Do Is Join the NFT Grift

Photo: Martinns (Getty Images)

Buffalo Wild Wings is always up to something. The chicken wing chain featuring pretty much any flavor of sauce you can imagine that you’ll inevitably spill all over your favorite shirt said that if the Super Bowl went to overtime, everyone in America would get free wings. Sadly, Cincinnati’s offensive line, when given the chance to tie it up, decided instead to lay down and let Von Miller, Aaron Donald, and the rest of LA’s defense nearly take Joe Burrow’s head off instead. So, we didn’t get free wings. Luckily, there is still another way to get free chicken wings for a whole year instead of just one day.

Buffalo Wild Wings is selling limited-edition “NF-OTs” to celebrate the 2017 game that actually did go into overtime. They’re selling three NFTs and whoever buys one gets free chicken wings for a whole year.

Photo: Buffalo Wild Wings

These non-fungible tokens consist of overtime-centric artwork from well-known New York-based street artist JordanNYC. One NFT features a wide receiver attempting to make a catch over a cornerback, one is an image of two players fighting over a sauce-slathered chicken wing, and the other is a wide receiver making a big catch to send the game into overtime. They’re bold, bright, feature graffiti from the artist, and are adorned with B-Dubs’ well-known black and yellow color scheme.

The three NFTs were auctioned for 24-hours on beginning on February 13 and ending on February 14. Half the proceeds went to JordanNYC and the other half went to the Buffalo Wild Wings Foundation.


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